Ashley Barnett

Ashley Barnett is an expert in blog management and content creation. She works with sites like Money Under 30, PT Money, and Choose FI. Her course, Hit Publish, teaches new and intermediate bloggers how to produce the best content on the internet.

My Story

Hello!  I'm glad you're here.


I started blogging 2005.  Man, I wish I had a copy of that first post so we could all have a good laugh.


Luckily, I didn't let my cluelessness stand in my way.  I kept at it. I know you didn't come here for advice, but if you want some here's mine: Don't quit.


After running my own sites for several years I finally moved into content editing and blog management full time for large personal finance sites.

With the help of some wonderful mentors (and plenty of trial and error), I’ve learned how to produce and edit high-quality content that gets great results for my clients.


I’m proud to have worked with such as:


  • Money Under 30
  • Dough Roller
  • PT Money
  • Choose FI
  • Wallet Hacks

I've created Hit Publish to teach new and intermediate bloggers how to create effective articles that solve problems for their readers and changes people’s lives. It’s these articles that draw traffic, get ranked on the first page of Google, and help you build that passive income everyone talks about.


I was not born knowing how to do this. And if you could see that first blog post, you’d agree! But 16 years and over 4,000 articles has taught me a lot.


I’m ready to pull back the curtain and show you how the biggest bloggers create their best content.


Join me and a group of other content creators who want to change the world for the better. Let’s see what we can achieve together!

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I live in Arizona with my family and the most spoiled dog I know.

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