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Would you like to start publishing on your blog consistently?

You know you need to publish regularly in order to have a successful blog.  So why aren't  you publishing more?


  • No time?
  • No topic idea?
  • Trouble just getting started?

I got  you.


I've been blogging for 16 years.  That's a LOT of days staring at a blank screen wondering what to write next. 


When I had my own site I published 6 days a week. As a full time managing editor I published up to 100 articles a month.  That's a ton of content to push through every day — so I've learned a few things about getting content live.


But I didn't always know this stuff. 


  • I've sat there, the night before an article is supposed to go live and still not having any idea what to write about. 
  • I've published stuff I'm not super proud of just to get something out. 
  • I've missed my publishing schedule because I just couldn't get motivated to write. 

I know the guilt of working so hard to build something but then not keeping up with it because it just seems like too much work and it takes too long. 


It does not have to be that way!

What's included in Consistent Content?

This course will help you relieve the guilt of not publishing as much as you'd like and start getting those traffic driving articles live. 


Let's build the blog you had in mind when you started. 


Inside this course you will find: 


  • An outline creator tool to help you define your article and make writing article so much faster
  • A printable worksheet that focuses your mind so you can get to work, even when your brain won't cooperate. (This really works!)
  • 6 proven ways to find never ending topic ideas 
  • Tips on nailing your introductions and conclusions – this is something even professional writers struggle with
  • A content management system that will keep all your new articles organized so you always know exactly what to work on next
  • Bonus: 1 month free access to the Hit Publish membership community so you can ask questions


[The outline creator] is a great tool. It forced me to write and re-write my ideas for the post to make it flow better. It also forced me to think more about a post that I thought would be simple, but now will resonate more with my audience.  

Nadia Busseuil Co-founder of

Who is this course for?

This course is for bloggers with existing sites who have trouble publishing on a consistent schedule. 

Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Ashley Barnett


I've been creating blog content since 2005. I've created thousands of articles. I know how to get content published. 


The content in this course are the exact tactics I use to run blogs of all sizes, big and small. 


Because content that isn't published doesn't do anyone any good. 


Let's do this. 

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