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Need a Content Calendar that Actually Works?

If you are like most bloggers then you have a notebook of topic ideas and a drafts folder full of half written blog posts — that may or may not ever get finished. 


You also want to plan your content ahead of time but it feels overwhelming to think so far ahead when you don't even know what you are publishing this week.


I've been there!


I've been blogging for 16 years.  That's a LOT of content to move through the publishing system.  


As a full time managing editor I published up to 100 articles a month over several websites. I've managed up to six blogs at a time. Each with it's own set of content ideas, freelance writers, publishing schedule, etc.  


That's a lot to keep track of.


But I didn't always know this stuff. 


  • I've created drafts in Wordpress with nothing but some quick notes hoping that someday I'll write the article. 
  • I've tried all kinds of note keeping systems to keep track of topic ideas as they pop up. 
  • I've forgotten about articles that are just about done, only to find them out of date when I finally get around to publishing them

I've tried all the tricks to keep content organized before it's published… and then still have nothing to write about when I sit down to work. 


It does not have to be that way!

What's included in the Content Calendar?

The Content Calendar is my personal Trello board template.  This is more than a content calendar or content planner.  


It's a content management system that will work whether you are a solo blogger publishing once a week or have grown a team and are publishing several times a day.


This is the exact system that I use to manage several websites at time and publish dozens articles per week. 


Inside this content calendar you will find: 


  • A Trello Board template that gets you started
  • Full instructions on exactly how to use the system (and how to customize it to meet your specific needs)
  • Resources you need to publish well and consistently
  • Bonus: 1 month free access to the Hit Publish membership community so you can ask questions

Always know exactly what to work on next and start planning ahead. No more wasting time getting organized. 

Who is this System For?

This content management system is for bloggers with existing sites who want to get their content organized so they'll always know where all the content is in the production cycle and when articles are publishing.


It's also perfect for bloggers who want to a grow a content team (or who already have one). 

About Me

Hi, I'm Ashley Barnett


I've been creating blog content since 2005. I've created thousands of articles. I know how to get content published. 


The content in this course are the exact tactics I use to run blogs of all sizes, big and small. 


Because content that isn't published doesn't do anyone any good. 


Let's do this. 

Get Started

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