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    Hit Publish Course


    Learn How to Easily Write the Best Articles on the Internet

    Hit Publish is a video course with short videos that walks you through the process for:

    - Defining your audience, narrowing your niche, and identifying your competition.

    - Learning the basics of SEO so it finally makes sense, finding a good keyword for your article, and using your competition to improve your articles.

    - Using your personal story to build trust with your audience while still teaching them something.

    - Writing your article efficiently. Including best practices for specific types of articles, such as review posts, list posts, and interviews.

    - Writing awesome introductions and conclusions, as well as how best to place links, and use visuals.

    - Doing professional edits, both content editing and line editing (with free tools), and using your keyword properly in your article.

    - Putting on those final touches that turn a blog post into a professional article.

    Special Pricing

    As a thank you for spending this time with me, the prices below represent a 25% discount off the regular price. Limited time offer.

    Standard Plan

    • Lifetime access to the Hit Publish Student's Only Community
    • Lifetime access to the course including any future updates 
    Investment: $374
    (Normally $499)

    30-day money back guarantee

    Premium Plan

    • 9 Clinics over three months – These are group video calls with additional trainings and the opportunity to ask questions about your specific site or articles.
    • Lifetime access to the Hit Publish Student's Only Community
    • Lifetime access to the course including any future updates
    Investment: $1,499 (or three payments of $525)
    (Normally:  $1,999)

    30-day money back guarantee

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