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What is a Mastermind Group?

A friend of mine described mastermind groups as a group of mutually supportive people with a common desire to get better at something. They spur each other on and build good relationships on a foundation of trust and mutual respect.


And I think that is a great description. 


In the case of Hit Publish, it's a group of 4-6 people who meet regularly to discuss their blogs, plan their future actions, get and give help, and just generally have fun while talking about blogging.


If you want to meet other bloggers and get support for your blogging journey… mastermind groups are for  you. 

What Happens During a Mastermind Group Call?

These are video calls where everyone discusses the struggles and successes they've been having since the last meeting. 


An example agenda:


  • Review goals set from last meeting
  • Give ideas, resources, and suggestions to help other members overcome challenges. 
  • Set new goals for the next month
  • Repeat


Common goals might be to create a new lead magnet, publish two new articles, update an old article, learn more about Facebook ads, etc.


Staying focused on your goals and action plan from month to month can make a huge difference in your business. But the real magic comes from connecting with other bloggers. 

When do the Groups Meet?

I have a variety of times and dates that different groups meet on. The more flexible you are with times the more choices of groups you will have the easier it will be to place you.


Most groups meet once a month for about an hour.  Some meet every two weeks. 


You will also have access to a Slack Group with the members of your group and all the members of the other Hit Publish Mastermind Groups. 

Why do I have to Apply?

I just need your information so I can place you in a group. It's not “application” as such that you will be accepted or denied.  All bloggers are welcome. 


The questions on the form are designed so I can find an appropriate group for you that fits your schedule and skill level. 

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