Most Profitable Blog Niches (2023): 8 High-Paying Blog Niches to Try

by Ashley Barnett
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Many bloggers start with aspirations of growing their blog into a business. If this sounds like you, welcome to the club!

Making money with a blog is an incredible feeling. It’s a sign that your digital labors and hours behind the laptop screen are coming to fruition.

However, one of the most important choices you make when starting out is your blogging niche. Additionally, if money is your goal, you want to pick a blog niche that has enough money on the table to be worth your time.

Why Picking a Blog Niche Matters

There are several advantages to picking a niche rather than being a lifestyle blogger. Picking a blog niche lets you:

  • Narrow Your Focus: Growing a business is hard, especially if you don’t have a target audience or theme.
  • Become An Expert: The more you write in a space, the more authoritative you become in the eyes of readers and Google (provided the content is valuable).
  • Face Less Competition: Multi-niche bloggers compete in every niche they cover, whereas you only worry about immediate competition as a single-niche writer.

However, it’s still a balancing act between narrowing your focus and having enough of an audience to make money, so keep this in mind.

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The Most Profitable Blog Niches

If you want to choose a blog niche that makes money, this tried and true list of ideas is an excellent place to begin brainstorming.

1. Personal Finance

When it comes to blog niches that make money, it’s no surprise that writing about money makes the list.

People don’t always talk about money, but they certainly read about it, so the personal finance niche gets attention year-round.

With recent events, topics like investing or budgeting have become even more pertinent as people figure out what to do with their stimulus checks or a recent job loss.

Plus, personal finance blogs have access to incredibly lucrative affiliate offers; things like credit cards, online banks, insurance plans, and mortgage lenders are examples that generally pay $100 or more per conversion. And they are services that just about everyone needs at some point.

In a blogging income survey from, the personal finance niche dominated the affiliate income space:

Additionally, advertising rates in finance are typically high, so it’s the perfect income-combo between display ads and affiliate offers.

Pros: High-paying affiliate offers; always trending.

Cons: Incredibly competitive for SEO.

Blog Micro Niche Ideas: Frugality, side hustles, making money online, financial independence.

2. Education

Another profitable blog niche is education. This includes online-only education websites, college advice blogs, and even homeschooling blogs.

Education is a profitable niche for one primary reason: obtaining an education is generally very expensive.

Therefore, advertises and affiliate offers within the education space as immensely lucrative. I’m talking about $100-$200+ cost-per-acquisitions (CPAs) for things like refinancing student loans, opening student bank accounts, or choosing an online school.

Plus, you still have options if you’re less interested in finance. Some education bloggers sell printables to fellow teachers or to students to help them organize their semester. If you cover college advice, it’s also easy to sprinkle in Amazon affiliate links for products you recommend.

Pros: High-paying affiliate offers.

Cons: Slightly seasonal based on when semesters start.

Blog Micro Niche Ideas: Surviving college; online college reviews; homeschooling tips for parents.

3. Food

Chances are, you’ve visited plenty of food blogs in your life. This blog niche is perhaps one of the most saturated niches out there. But it’s also a profitable blogging niche because of how creative you can get with monetization.

Many of the highest-earning food bloggers make money with multiple income streams, including:

  • Display ads
  • Affiliate links (for ingredients, appliances, food subscription services)
  • Sponsored posts
  • Selling printables and eBooks

Sponsored posts are a particularly profitable aspect of this niche. Large food publications get offers from brands to use their products in recipes all the time, and these agreements can easily reach thousands of dollars if you have a large audience.

One downside for this blogging niche is how saturated it is. To make it as a food blogger, you probably need to rely on some heavy Pinterest promotion and Tailwind usage to get through the noise.

Pros: Sponsored post opportunities; does well on social media.

Cons: Saturated space; usually requires significant social media marketing.

Blog Micro Niche Ideas: Keto diet; gluten-free baking; reproducing restaurant meals at home.

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4. Business & Marketing

Another profitable blog niche is the business and marketing space.

Granted, this niche is generally narrowed down into micro niches like:

  • Online businesses
  • Affiliate marketing
  • SEO and marketing best-practices
  • Entrepreneurship

However, two things these micro niches have in common are high-paying display ads and lucrative affiliate offers.

Like personal finance, business advertisers are willing to pay a premium for advertising on the right blog. This is because things like SaaS contracts or B2B products can easily cost thousands of dollars per year, so the payout is worth it.

Factor in high-paying affiliate offers and suddenly, even a small business and marketing based blog can earn a handsome sum.

Pros: High-paying affiliate programs.

Cons: Incredibly competitive for SEO; can be quite narrow in scope.

Blog Micro Niche Ideas: SEO software; email marketing.

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5. Travel

With Covid-19, the travel niche got absolutely decimated.

Traffic and advertising rates plummeted. Travel affiliate programs also shut their doors. All-in-all, it’s been a brutal time to own a travel blog.

However, travel is a historically profitable blog niche. Furthermore, as the world begins to open up in the future, travel will resume. In fact, there’s already been an increase in domestic travel, so people are packing their bags once again.

As a travel blogger, this is excellent news. There are plenty of monetization options in this niche as well, including:

  • Display advertisements
  • Affiliate programs for hotels, travel gear, airlines, excursions, and travel insurance
  • Travel credit card affiliate programs
  • Writing sponsored posts
  • Branching into YouTube and vlogging

It’s hard to pinpoint when this niche will fully recover. However, there’s no denying that this profitable blogging niche is here to stay.

Pros: Does well on social media; can let you make money while traveling.

Cons: Slightly lower advertising rates; still recovering.

Best Blog Micro Niche Ideas: Local travel guide; digital nomadism; frugal travel.

6. Parenting

While this blogging niche can cross over into a lifestyle blog where you provide a glimpse of your daily life, the parenting space has always been a popular blog topic.

This popularity makes sense. Parenting books are always in demand, and parenting blogs that help others manage the hectic, wonderful responsibility of being a parent do extremely well.

There’s also room to get creative here. Here’s a few micro niche blog ideas for the parenting niche to mull over:

  • Stay-at-home work opportunities
  • Pregnancy
  • A guide for new parents
  • Healthy cooking for families
  • Traveling with kids

Again, the central theme is parenting, but what aspect of parenting you write about is up to you.

As for monetization, there’s the regular mix of display ads, affiliate offers, sponsored posts, and selling your own products. However, parents are willing to spend on products or services that improve their family’s life. If you promote affiliate offers you personally use and benefit from, your affiliate revenue can grow very quickly.

Pros: Incredibly flexible; readers are naturally more invested in the subject matter.

Cons: You generally have to be a parent to have authority in this niche, so it’s not easy for non-parent bloggers to get into.

Blog Micro Niche Ideas: See above list.

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7. DIY Blogs

While this is a broad profitable blogging niche, DIY bloggers also have an incredible number of monetization options at their disposal.

The nature of a DIY blog is instructional; you’re usually teaching people how to solve a specific problem or to create something on their own without having to pay full-price at the store.

This lends itself well to:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling instruction booklets or printables
  • Branching out to other mediums, like starting a YouTube channel or selling on Etsy alongside your blog

Plus, DIY content typically does well on platforms like Pinterest, which can help you get more blog traffic.

Advertising rates for DIY content aren’t as high as niches like personal finance or business. But, it’s likely easier to convert readers into affiliate sales if they’re following instructional content than convincing a reader to sign up for a new credit card offer or something that involves more decision making.

Pros: Does well on social media; easy to branch out on Etsy or YouTube.

Cons: Slightly lower display advertising rates on average than niches like finance.

Blog Micro Niche Ideas: Woodworking; student crafts; vintage revivals.

8. Health and Wellness

Alright, time to talk about a profitable blog niche that’s also one of the most contentious.

The health and wellness space has been a goldmine for bloggers since the internet started. People are always searching for fitness advice, new recipes, or general wellness tips that can help them lead a better life. However, along the way, this niche has been plagued by fad diets, fake supplements, and a range of shady behavior.

Unsurprisingly, Google finally took note of this in 2019. After a massive algorithm update, Google determined that sites that talk about your money or your life (“YMYL blogs”) need to have expertise, authority, and trust to rank well.

In short, for this to be a profitable blog niche, you need to know your stuff and have the credentials to back it up. But, if you’re a doctor, certified dietitian, licensed fitness coach, or have an incredible personal story that relates to the niche, this requirement shouldn’t be a problem.

I wouldn’t get into this niche if you don’t know much about health and wellness. However, there are plenty of affiliate programs and ways to make money as a health and wellness blogger. Plus, online coaching is one monetization idea that does incredibly well for this niche. 

Pros: Lends itself well to coaching and affiliate marketing.

Cons: Ranking well on Google usually requires expertise and credentials.

Blog Micro Niche Ideas: Running; managing specific health conditions; staying fit as a working professional.

The #1 Factor for Picking a Profitable Blog Niche

One final piece of advice I want to give for picking a profitable blog niche is to always stick with what you know and care about.

The internet has millions of blogs, and more get added every day. The only way to stand out from the crowd is to write the best content out there and give readers a reason to follow you.

Besides, wouldn’t you rather pick a niche you’re an expert in and love and make slightly less money than struggle to write in a niche you don’t care about?


This list of the most profitable blog niches is really scratching the surface of your options.

The truth is you should write about what you’re more knowledgeable and passionate about. As long as the audience isn’t too narrow, you can develop your blogging voice and audience over time and turn almost any blog niche into a profitable one.

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