I'm Ready to Start Publishing Regularly

Regularly producing high-quality content is key to having a successful blog.  But it's so hard!


You write an article that you feel good about, hit publish, and then you are right back to where you started. With a blank screen and a waiting audience.


I currently publish 13 times per week across four different blogs.  I know the struggle of keeping content organized and moving through the process.


To help overcome this challenge have two products that can help you start publishing regularly.


Content Calendar 

This is the exact system that I use to manage the sites that I run. It will help you:


  • Keep track of all your blog post ideas and  in-progress content
  • Ensure that you are publishing consistently and on time 
  • Save time writing blog posts since you'll always know exactly what to do next

Consistent Content

A perfect companion to the content calendar from above. 


This course will help you be more productive and publish more consistently. It will show you how to fill up your content calendar with endless topic ideas. 


Let's create the blog you had in mind when you started. 

I Want to Create Higher Quality Articles

If you are publishing regularly but want to start seeing better results from your articles then you are ready for my signature course: Hit Publish. 


Hit Publish teaches you how to create the best content on the internet. Period. 


This course actually started with as a word document where I would record all the feedback I was giving to my freelance writers. I called it “Ashley's Guide to Kick Ass Content” and used it to train writers. 


As I got better and defining exactly what makes a great article I realized that I could use this information to help more than just the freelance writers who worked for me. So I turned it into a real course, called Hit Publish. 

I'm Ready to Grow My Team

Congrats! This is an exciting stage in the life of a blogger. Growing your team is a fun and challenging time. 


Whether you are ready to make your first hire, or you've hired a few writers but things aren't as smooth as you'd like I have a couple of options for you. 


 Content Calendar

If you are going to have team members then you'll need an easy way to communicate and keep track of content as it moves through the creation process.


This content calendar is the exact system that I use to manage all the sites that I run. 


And it works like a charm. 


I use this system every day to manage dozens (sometimes even hundreds) of articles at once. 


It scales from solo-blogger's site to a fully staffed team. This is the last content calendar you will ever need. 


If you want even more help I can fully set up your content processes by hiring and training your core content team.


I will also implement the systems needed to keep things running smoothly from here on out. 


Once the team is built you can take over management from there, or I can stay on and provide continued coaching while things get up and running.  


I'd love to chat and figure out how I can best support your business. 

I'm Ready to Step Back from the Content Creation Process

When you start blogging your job is to write articles. But as you grow, there are more and more tasks to draw you away from writing. 


Eventually, one of two things will happen. Either you are spending time editing and pushing articles through the system when you should be doing more important work. Or you become a bottleneck to the content creation process. Article drafts pile up and your writers drift away due to lack of assignments.


Either way, the content creation process actually holds the company back from future growth — instead of facilitating growth as it should.


If you need help getting articles from idea to published I can help.  I've worked as the managing editor for several large blogs and have developed a smooth system that both site owners and writers love. 


Set up a call here so we can talk more about how we can get content off your plate and out into the world. 

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